These Closeup #Photos of #Jupiter #Look #Like Works of Art

NASA’s Juno house probe has been orbiting Jupiter and dazzling us with images of the large fuel planet for over a yr now. In latest days, Juno has captured a variety of attractive close-up images that look unusually like impressionist artwork.

The picture above, captured by Juno from a distance of simply 11,747 miles (the gap between New York Metropolis within the US and Perth in Australia), exhibits a cloud system in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere.

“Due to the Juno-Jupiter-Solar angle when the spacecraft captured this picture, the higher-altitude clouds might be seen casting shadows on their environment,” NASA writes. “The conduct is most simply observable within the whitest areas within the picture.”

Listed here are some extra colourful close-ups beamed again to our planet by Juno not too long ago:

pia21970 opt 800x584 These Closeup #Photos of #Jupiter #Look #Like Works of Art

22 candy 6 800x743 These Closeup #Photos of #Jupiter #Look #Like Works of Art

pia21393 800x736 These Closeup #Photos of #Jupiter #Look #Like Works of Art

pia21971 nasa 800x519 These Closeup #Photos of #Jupiter #Look #Like Works of Art

You possibly can keep up-to-date with Juno’s images of Jupiter within the NASA Juno Picture Gallery. And when you appreciated these photos, try this lovely fly-by that was created earlier this yr by combining numerous Juno images.

(through NASA through Colossal)

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